UK Horology's Clock & Watch Fair

UK Horology Clock & Watch Fairs

Despite strong internet sales in the last 10 years’ fairs still remain very popular with antique buyers. I did not predict this I honestly thought the internet would retire al Antique and Clock fairs but I was wrong. So as a result in 2021 we will be hosting our first Clock & Watch Fair we will be looking at doing many accross the year at a mulitple of venues, sign up today for the newsletter to keep update

French Carriage Clock  French Ormolu ClockCarriage Clock  Guilmet Industrial Windmill Clock  Guilmet Light house Clock

We are currently setting up four new sites through the UK in to host our horological watch and clock fairs we will be joining forces with the BHI. These one-day fairs will be held inside with two tables for each stall a long with one chair.

The entry will fee be,

Early entry fee 6am to 8am £10 

For the general public 8am to 4pm £5  

If you are interested be sure to sign up for the newsletter this will keep you updated with venues and dates.

Rolex Watch Early 1950s Bubble Back Rolex Watch Rare Rolex Turn a Graoh  Rolex Gold & Steel  Gents Steel Rolex 

Uk Horology Stall Rate

Stall Tickets for UK fairs are now available 

Stall Holder Pitch £79.99

Early Entry 6am to 8am £10.00

Entry 8am to 4pm £5.00

Click here – (payment screen for £79.99)

We are a support of they do a great job with some fantastic venues 

Please more infomation contact [email protected]